Kitesurfing Digest #106

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Surfboards by Foam
Aluula Review by bjw
South Island mid Feb? by Capt Loopy
Season by amirbak
State comp this weekend by vaas20
Fiji Kitesurfing - Best Resorts? by Chris_M
Kiting in Blairgowrie on a Easterly? by melbkiter20
Looking for Speedy1 by spanishwog
Is a kite foil versatile enough to be a touring machine? by AquaPlow
Duotone Sydney Harbour by bjw
Set up for the misses by hydrocarbion
WA Kite Holiday by sustan
Starboard tack = Right of way by newbie23562
Looking for Speedy1 by spanishwog
Buffer zone by englishmanbo
A Tad WIndy by Gorgo
1 foot - fek I have trouble with 2 Posito Martinez by SaveTheWhales
Small low volume foil board by horey69
What's going on with aluula?? by Youngbreezy
Best glue for reglueing valves? by Capt Loopy
Torq TEC range by newbie23562

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