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Kitesurfing Digest #109

Welcome to your Kitesurfing digest!

Your digest of some of the activity on Australia's #1 Watersports Website.


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Which version of the ozone zephyr is your favourite? Why? by bramber
Wa wind by ste
Trigg Twin-Tip Mafia by danno
Proper grunt for a 7sqm by wishy
Kite in power lines at safety bay on Sunday? by KitersElbow
Shinn srs sneaker by Foam
Accident by STELLA01
Central coast by rhino171
On balance just g8 people.. by AquaPlow
Noir Matter Stabilizer... is it a DUD? by Munga
Torq TEC range by newbie23562
A look at the Aluula in the air by bonster
Old Bar, NSW, Australia by L8Start
KotA no mention by kitcho207
Kitesurfing Nationals streaming live right now... by laurie
Box to ship board by PsychoRealm
Werribe south beach by speedy87
What mast fits a duotone speedster by lostatsea

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