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Kitesurfing Digest #111

Welcome to your Kitesurfing digest!

Your digest of some of the activity on Australia's #1 Watersports Website.


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Aluula Review by bjw
Kurnell WTF by Frontslide
Kite size foiling by Foam
Adding straps to a surfboard by Gazuki
Panic by Tryinghard
I need a Granpa help by Gimble90
2020 Duotone Evo Video by SurfFX
Light wind solution for pot belly? by englishmanbo
Kitesurfing around Albany WA by DerekR
Shinn srs sneaker by Foam
Trimming my bar lines by Brohan
Trigg Twin-Tip Mafia by danno
Helium 4 by andos
2009 Rebel bladder replacement by Abi93
Bay downwinder on tomorrow''s Northerly? by slyfox
Guys - Angely Bouillot said "Dont forget to pack these" by SaveTheWhales
Where to Kite in SE QLD - Google Map (make me a sticky please!) by AquaPlow
Werribe south beach by speedy87
Looking for busted kite bladder by Gateman
Double Island Point by Boonty
Star Wars by CJ2478
Rope Sliders - Single braided or double braided rope by SavageCarrot
What type of springsuit for foil safety by Mokuleia

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