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Melbourne bayside beaches closing this weekend by Sandfoot
Need Help Choosing Trainer Kite, For Multiple Size People by Skolberts
Sending it from the other side of the ditch by SaveTheWhales
Rope Sliders - Single braided or double braided rope by SavageCarrot
Noob stabbing by SaveTheWhales
Duotone Click Safety Line by LeighMajor
Panic by Tryinghard
Self isolation by KiteAddicted
Kite size foiling by Foam
3 Years Late - An edit of World Champions. by iandvnt
The curve is rising, but positively by cauncy
Aluula Review by bjw
What to do If you suspect someone has it by SaveTheWhales
Core XR lovers..... by shi thouse
Deck Grip by warwickl
Mauritius trip by doonut
KNOT FUTURE: Death of Park by sir ROWDY
Light wind solution for pot belly? by englishmanbo
Foil Kite Self Landing Stick by stevy
Looking for busted kite bladder by Gateman
Guys - Angely Bouillot said "Dont forget to pack these" by SaveTheWhales
Adding straps to a surfboard by Gazuki

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