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Duotone Click Safety Line by LeighMajor
Heads Up Cronulla Beaches Closing for Easter by Gone to dark side
Kitesurfing allowed in qld open beaches during carona Virus ,Self isolation by experienced Kiters by bearbusa
It's happening - kite surfing banned because of Covid19 by NorthernKitesAUS
Left FS Soul bag @Pelican Point on 3rd by dbabicwa
Lightest foil set up? by utcminusfour
click bars by Toesup
Signage at beaches to warn public of kiters, or kite rules by horey69
Locals only by Surfer62
The secret to moving your feet Hydrofoiling by KIT33R
Are wainman and cabrinha bars interchangeable (circa 2012) by mattn
Some Bayside beaches open with restrictions, check your local by Sandfoot
Need Help Choosing Trainer Kite, For Multiple Size People by Skolberts
Rope Sliders - Single braided or double braided rope by SavageCarrot
Noob stabbing by SaveTheWhales
Panic by Tryinghard
Self isolation by KiteAddicted
Kite size foiling by Foam
3 Years Late - An edit of World Champions. by iandvnt

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