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Tips for Kiteboarding in Winter - That Might Save Your Life!
It's a different world out there, and thinking twice about riding in the colder months might save more than just a bad hair day...
No Stranger to the Inside of an Indo Barrel: Ryland Blakeney
Armed with a quiver of surfboards and a stash of Ozone Reo's, Ryland Blakeney booked a plane ticket to Indo with the promise of a sick left hander.
SUP Etiquette for New Surfers
Make friends in the lineup - not enemies! Follow these simple rules to stand up paddle surfing and keep the good vibes flowing in the lineup.
How to change your life in 6 easy steps. Learn to Kite!
Learning to kitesurf has never been easier! If you're thinking about getting started in the sport, go and chat with an instructor today.
Old F-One Gear Wanted
Trade or your old F-One gear

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Flag line breaks?by DaveDobbin
The wind came but a semi kitemare dayby Richoa
Are latest kites better than existingby reolover
New Vid- Wind N Wavesby Ryland
Scuba tank to inflate kiteby Holysmoke
kite buddyby CHB
kiteboard and kiteloop session at woodies perth australiaby glasstraxx
2010 slingshot octane 11M kite flies to high over head when parked and stallsby Dalek
Slingshot 24 inch foil mastby Luddy
Kiteboarding accident in Jezkitesurf
Goldieby 1KJ
Bar pressureby apepene43
Late winter kite locations - Robe?by Lambie
Holidays... how long is too long?by kenhell
Do foil 'boards' matterby pmk
Kite Fijiby BaysideJoin
Geelong Kiter rescuedby RosieKB
Manta foilsby Gustyas
kite lishis lombok indoby king of the point
A must watchby cauncy
Airushby weebitbreezy
No tricks from Dimitri but finally a clean new pvc line bar and stopperby SaveTheWhales
Melbourne 26/4/2016by pgc
FIREWIRE Evo- Kite version Surfboardby Ryland
Winter escape in Australia that is affordable?by Lambie
Re enforcing carbon it viable?by dorothyinste
Are Oz hotshot kiters still towradgi
Kaeko Dream Kite Surfboard - any opinions?by slyfox
Kiteboard found in Kalbarriby Holysmoke
Best place in Australia to kite?by Kajo
what happened to the buzz kite topic?by kiteflo
Kitesurfing holiday in Greeceby billykiter

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2014 Cabrinha Drifter - 7 metre
Kite only flown 3 times, as bought it for my son who now doesn't want to learn to Kitesurf. Comes with bag and 2014 Cabrinha overdrive 1x bar and...
2016 Best Ts - 16 metre
BEST KITEBOARDING - TS 16m + 52cm RED BAR (2016 DEMO GEAR) The TS is a the perfect All rounder/Free-rider kite with great performance in all...
2017 North Neo - 7 metre
2017 North Neo 7m - used twice - perfect condition
2006 Naish Boxer- School Kite - 16 metre
16m C kite for sale. Package includes very crispy kite with no leaks and no repairs (recently replaced inflate & deflate valves). Bar has been...
2015 North Evo - 8 metre
Make an offer. Kite and kite bag only. This kite is in perfect as new condition, no repairs. The North Evo is a very aerodynamic wing that...
2017 North Vegas - 9 metre
Kite in excellent condition, no tears or repairs. Comes with BRAND NEW 5th Element bar and lines OR Wakestyle Bar. Also selling 138cm Team Series...
2014 Ozone Catalyst - 10 metre
Perfect conditions Ozone Catalyst 10m kite. Used less than 10 times. Complete with bag, lines, bar and pump. I stopped kiting in leu for sailing...
2015 Liquid Force Envy - 12 metre
Kite, Bar and Lines. Great condition, 2015 Liquid Force Envy. Bought 2nd hand from a shop this time last year. Bar was use but lines were brand...
2017 Ocean Rodeo Razor - 7 metre
2017 Ocean Rodeo Razor 7m Kite only $790 Just above half retail. Hi folks I bought it new from a chap in WA unused for a friend but he can't...

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