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  Have you got what it takes? Red Bull King of the Air
One megaloop could get you entry to the worlds most extreme kiteboarding event - the Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa this January!
  Kite foiling tricks you've never seen before!
Have you ever seen a guy riding a kite foil, with his kite completely stalled, mid-window, upside down? You're about to!
  You won't believe the conditions these guys rode in!
No, we're not talking about 'that' new video where a kiteboarder was riding during Hurricane Irma. We're talking about the insane conditions seen at the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge!
  Have You Seen Airush Gear This Cheap Before?
Do you love riding Airush Kites? Love a bargain? Well you're in luck! Auswind, Australia's importer of Airush (and Starboard SUP) are having a warehouse clear out, and there's some crazy cheap...
  What's it like to be a Professional Kiteboarder?
It's a different life, but you might get a sense of what it's like on your next kiteboarding holiday where you eat, sleep, and breathe kiteboarding...

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Ozone Edge V9 info
by Ozone Kites Aus
Peterlyn swell V3 vid
by SaveTheWhales
Pinnaroo Point at risk
by Twowetfeet
MidWest WindFest Event Pre-registration
by Dave Whettingsteel
Tips for Jakes??
by Gazuki
24 yo male seeks the ladies into all watersports.
by kenhell
PHOTOS - Cottesloe 25 09 2017
by ironbark
by geordieboy
WA - Demo Firewire Vader and Evo
by Woott
half mast for LF Foil Fish
by joelz87
2018 North WAM 6.0
by dazza5172
FOUND bar at Shearwater 26/9
by Mike101
by applecrossadam
2014 RPM with Naish bar
by glasstraxx
Pump found
by Sorrento1254
FOUND .. Bar at shearwater
by Mike101
Kite Foil Forces for designer
by dachopper
Lake Macquarie Race Training, Labour Weekend
by TheSquirrel
Midwest Windfest
by cauncy
Advantages of longer mast?
by PommyMike
Move Australia Day
by bjw
Slingshot RPM or Rally?
by jbrown
Great News! Qld State Premier announces NO HIGRISE ON THE SPIT
by LostinSpace
Just say no kids...
by MikeyG
How long will the Pond last?
by Sauce
Lancelin in Nov/Dec
by FabianK
The Foiling Show
by Nathe
by CarlosH
Useing fishing braid to restitch kite?
by awkward customer

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