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Ozone Edge V9 info
by Ozone Kites Aus
Midwest Windfest
by cauncy
Kitesurf partners in Melbourne
by Etaytz
oceanrodeo Jester Board
by Zebra80
Trace up - purchase update FYI
by kiteflo
2018 ride engine
by uweh
Downwind retrieve
by freebird44
Recommended gear for perth
by Danno1
Found kiteboard
by Aparamythist
The 2017 Red Bull Lighthouse To Leighton - Returns For The Eighth Edition!
by L2L
Big waves strapless
by NitrousOxide
2018 Airush Ultra 15m in sub 10 knots winds
by cbulota
EnataKites ??
by NorthernKitesAUS
Kiting near Esperance
by reigo43
question about KFC spot
by juanjo
line length foiling
by KAOS69
Inaugural Victorian Kite Foil State Championships
by GMkal
Harness left at longy
by Boyler
Mast/wings to board angle confirmation
by warwickl
Kiteboarding Instructor Course
by GMkal
Kiteboarding Instructor Course
by GMkal
Megaloops and Kitesurfing tarifa spain kiteboarding
by glasstraxx
Nobby's Beach (Newcastle)
by skinduptruk
Foil kites with hydro foils
by scotty100
Surfboard "feel" - which boards excel?
by matkiter
Thickness of wetsuit in November
by chtano
Kite Crash video
by Surfer62
Can someone make use of old kites.
by strapped
I need a Doctor
by Zebra80
Coming back from madagascar
by RaphGill
Arugam bay sri lanka wind in late January
by scotty100

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WA Nov 11-12 West Oz Kite Demo Tour
WA Nov 24-26 Midwest Windfest
NSW Dec 8-9 Aquachicks
QLD Feb 19-23 Iko Instructors Course

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