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  20m high waves - Kitesurfed by Jesse Richman!
It was big. It was gnarly, and on this incredibly rare occasion; it was windy. So Jesse Richman pumped up and went out to kite Portugal's Nazare...
  Can I claim my kite's damage under warranty?
Kites are more durable than ever, but sometimes damage seems a little unfair. We've put together a guide on what kind of things can be claimed under kite warrantee, and what's best left for the local...
  A Hipsters guide: Keeping a beard out of your depower cleat!
He makes some strange videos, and this one is a little whacky, but most importantly, illustrates that it IS possible for a hipster to keep their beard from getting snagged in their depower cleat....

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The 2017 Red Bull Lighthouse To Leighton - Returns For The Eighth Edition!
by L2L
Kite Repair Perth
by theDoctor
Toeside on a foil...
by horey69
Where to live in QLD
by Kupo
Wave hookup SE VIC
by Taka88
Airush One 6m setup
by richswing
PHOTOS - Cottesloe 11 11 2017
by ironbark
PHOTOS - Brighton 12 11 2017
by ironbark
Cottesloe pics 12/11/17
by wishy
Teuro Season Has Started,.. Again !!!
by au_rick
Bar left at Peli Pt 13/11/2017
by Arjape
Alkimos Reef, anyone keen?
by Gazuki
Stolen gear?
by PrfctChaos
Not that bad here on the East Voasy
by horey69
WA State Wave Titles - it's ON!!!
by RussC
If the boot fits...
by Alex4398
IKO instructor course
by Zebra80
Smaller Tuttle box mast for J Shapes foil
by Adfreetv
off topic
by psychojoe
Big waves strapless
by NitrousOxide
Hobart area kiters
by mrwhippy8
Kiting in Vietnam in January
by jimg

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