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  World Kitesurfing Speed Record Broken!!!!
In a speed channel in France, one kiteboarder has ridden faster than anyone ever has before. 57.97 knots!
  How hard should I pump my kitesurfing kite?
Would you expect a car to perform well with flat tires? Kites are the same! All manufacturers base their kites around a specific pressure, so here's how to make sure your kite is flying at its best.
  Airush Surfboard production moved to Thailand for new range
Did you know that a lot of brands all use the same factory in China to make their surfboards, sups and sailboards?
  20m high waves - Kitesurfed by Jesse Richman!
It was big. It was gnarly, and on this incredibly rare occasion; it was windy. So Jesse Richman pumped up and went out to kite Portugal's Nazare...

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BigAir Competition, Sydney 2-3/12 by martinmm5
Kiting in Tasmania around Swansea & Bicheno this weekend 24-27 Nov by Peterc150
Kite found South Trigg car park by Green Eggs
Water quality by KiteAddicted
Nobby's Beach (Newcastle) by skinduptruk
PHOTOS - Cottesloe 11 11 2017 by ironbark
Kiting Christies Beach area by sandblaster
found cabrinha bar by bartbart
IKO instructor course by Zebra80
SOLOSHOT 3. Has anyone else got there pre orders yet? by kemp90
F.O.M.O by Youngbreezy
Dakine Option spreader bar by toppleover
Kiting buddy - newbies by RoarG
Impressive.... by shi thouse
Oops Mambo Express double booking by towradgi
Found inflation/deflation valve Pinnaroo Point WA by cbulota
Holiday SE Asia Kitesurfing - Beginner by smur0130
The 2017 Red Bull Lighthouse To Leighton - Returns For The Eighth Edition! by L2L

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