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  Airborne Kitesurfing needs you!
Work in the SUP and Kitesurfing Industry and help others enjoy the stoke.
  Merimbula Classic Kiteboarding Australia Wave Nationals
The Merimbula Classic incorporating the Australian National Title for 2017 is a wrap.
  Foiling the Clearest Water in the World!
It's even better than a postcard... This spot is an absolute must see, if you love light wind kite foiling.
  Kiteboarding Underwater - When diving meets kiteboarding
An underwater photoshoot with a couple of kiteboarders makes for some amazing shots!
  World Kitesurfing Speed Record Broken!!!!
In a speed channel in France, one kiteboarder has ridden faster than anyone ever has before. 57.97 knots!
  How hard should I pump my kitesurfing kite?
Would you expect a car to perform well with flat tires? Kites are the same! All manufacturers base their kites around a specific pressure, so here's how to make sure your kite is flying at its best.

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kite instruction for kid - 10 year old and 35 kg by Shlow
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Midwest Windfest by cauncy
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New edgy foil wings by Totti
Kitetrip Dezember who else? Westcoast by Pfinzi
Kite Rental/Hire & Trip/Tour by Dumii
Bar left at Peli Pt 13/11/2017 by Arjape

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