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Best vehicle for kitesurfing? by Alysum
Axis 102 kite foiling by bigtone667
Is it just me or is winter taking a while to kick in? by drewpweiner
Coral Bay WA July by Unhook3d
Windy but a bit chilly in Vic by Surfer62
Kite pulling to one side by Francone
Kite size/rider weight/wind chart by Blubb1991
Peter Lynn Nova foil kite by Duff15
Waterproofing spray for ram air kites by mudshark
Kite coaches in Mauritius- any recommendations? by Relaunch
Beer ,reviews fark gear reviews by cauncy
Airborne Kitesurfing Closing by carbine
Kwa Agm by WAKSA
North juice 17m or Airush ultra 17m by repleb
SUP rider attacks surfer by towradgi
Where to Kite in SE QLD - Google Map (make me a sticky please!) by AquaPlow
Gaastra (GA) One single-strut opinions? by PPZ
GPS cocks by Plummet
WOO2 by Darryl F
Mauritius trip by doonut
Neilpryde Glide ? by toppleover
Woof, meow! by Plummet
Mono by Dj Atak
Sydney to Brisbane trip by Mikedobee

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