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Yyyyyeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!! by Gazuki
Light wind Ram/foil Kite by FoS
Kitesurfing in Brisbane this Sunday Aug 11 by keitht
Looking for an Ozone dealer by Ozone Kites Aus
Hard shell harness? by ste
Travel Insurance for OS destinations by Lambie
Congratulations Aussie for comming 15th. by Plummet
2020 NAISH Release by BrisKites
Cause he Carnt ?? by cauncy
Causehesbanned by cauncy
Moses 790 or 873 wings by Southcoastfoiler
Redlands Council announces public consultation on Wellington Pt Bathing Reserve Boundary - 02Aug19 by smzipf
Foiling conditions - Perth beaches by Swavek
I'm glad this isn't in the windsurfing forum by cauncy
Ozone wind wings now available to order by KPSS Used
inaccurate thread titles by amirite
Mine is bigger than yours by lotofwind
Kite in Fiji by sydfr1208
Gold Goast Foiling by howe
Kitesurfing Gear Auction QLD by JakeNN

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SA Oct 9-13 Ka Instructor Course
NSW Oct 25-27 Sand & Sea Festival

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