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Small low volume foil board by horey69
Na na na na na na na na nananannana kite man! by causehecan
Noob stabbing by SaveTheWhales
Wind wing apparel by cauncy
Yyyyyeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!! by Gazuki
Moses 790 or 873 wings by Southcoastfoiler
A different take on Kite Bars by dachopper
i never dreamed i'd grow up to be a spoiled kiter by amirite
WA Kite Holiday by sustan
Kiting Alva Beach by Lambie
Exmouth Sep 17-25th by Gazuki
OceanRodeo Mako vs ???? by FoS
Kite Board Repair- Best Glue? by Underoath
kites will never be bladderless. never by amirite
Light wind Ram/foil Kite by FoS
Redlands Council announces public consultation on Wellington Pt Bathing Reserve Boundary - 02Aug19 by smzipf
SMS alert if conditions are good by Gouvi
Kite Repair ? by jjd
Whats the opposite of "park and ride"? by montoya
Kite sizing by Stuey1968
Kite sizing by Stuey1968
Hard shell harness? by ste
Feeling crook after kite by awkward customer
How ive been training all winter by causehecan

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SA Oct 9-13 Ka Instructor Course
NSW Oct 25-27 Sand & Sea Festival

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