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Tennis Elbows (worlds sexiest injury) and Bar pressure? by Hotzenplotz
wearing helmets and crash vests by amirite
Who uses woo? by Chris_M
JN Wild Thing by Baz19
Kitesurfing @ Golden Beach, Calundra by Sirli
Ozone Edge V10 with Ruben by Greenarrowz
Foiling conditions - Perth beaches by Swavek
Small low volume foil board by horey69
F......g bull by cauncy
Core XR lovers..... by shi thouse
Light wind Ram/foil Kite by FoS
Port douglas early august by flow001
Yyyyyeeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!! by Gazuki
SexyMouth by eppo
Wet kites! by wishy
Zeeko Spitfire XLW vs. SUP type foil by emmafoils
Forecast looked cooked. by Underoath
WA Kite Holiday by sustan
Old school 2008 Cabrinha custom equivalent!?!? by echostorm
Majestics in a WSW by ralphlong
OMG a Strayan Seabreeze version would go ? by SaveTheWhales

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SA Oct 9-13 Ka Instructor Course
NSW Oct 25-27 Sand & Sea Festival
QLD Sun, Nov 10 Kitesurf Experience For $5!

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