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Big guys foiling setup by FoS
Screws by japie
Opinions on firefish? by KBGhost
V10 ozone edge, back in time by cauncy
Knowing your limits by Gazuki
Getting rid of old kites? Does anyone take them? by mrbonk
Unknown foil by JZOrewa
Flysurfer Sonic FR mixer debacle by antlanglands
Peter Lynn Escape relaunch issues? by mrGee
Customer service by Surfer62
CPR ( below bar depower) bar - half suicide mode by gone-kiting
80 Kms cross-train -- any thoughts? by AquaPlow
Kitefoiling Intro Day by BrisKites
Zeeko Spitfire XLW vs. SUP type foil by emmafoils
Ion Apex harness by dp2012
DT Rebel 2019 5th by kitcho207
Ankle Straps by snalberski
OceanRodeo Mako vs ???? by FoS
Season started by psychojoe
Best ankle brace on market by eppo
Restore Kitesurfing Access to Noosa's Open Beaches by laurie

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