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Windsurfing Digest #107

Welcome to your Windsurfing digest!

Your digest of some of the activity on Australia's #1 Watersports Website.


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Lake George 2020 (hey, somebody had to start the conversation that's surely on everybody's mind) by eckas
Slingshot Wizard 125 Foot strap position by owain
Caption comp # 512 by Imax1
wierd stuff by Gestalt
Kelvo by DaveW01
A windsurfing jumping lesson at Mettams Pool 09/02/2020 by Grants Carstereo
Safety Bay Slalom Series 2019/20 Round 5 by Whitey76
Storm at Wello by Mase88
albany 2 by waricle
Sandstone Seabreezers by Paddles B'mere
Caption Comp #511 by Orange Whip
Great Day on the Windski by MagicRide
Duotone F-type as go to sail for light wind lake? by oscardog
Victorian Windsurfer Class State Salom Championships 2022 by windsufering
Hawaii in December by berowne
Old Broken Masts by javsrus
Anyone selling a 120/150lt board by lankstar
Simple logger with Bluetooth connectivity by JulienLe
Do you really need a foil board? Light wind planing on slalom gear by antonmik
I want to make a nose protector?? by MagicRide
Are Goretex valves reliable? by NotWal
Where in Oz could you windsurf every day for a week right now? by gregwho
QLD State Slalom Titles 2020 at RQYS by Mitch Pearson
Windsurfing Morning Seacliff by TAA
planing by Gestalt
QLD State Slalom Titles 2020 at RQYS by Mitch Pearson
NSWWA GerroaFest Results and pics by NSWWA

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