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Pittwater Longboards by saltyheaven
What is the Best Sailboard EVER! by gollyone
3-4 batten sails in heavy, on-shore conditions by OnShoreLover
foil sails by normster
What are the brands up to? by Orange Whip
Pulling up with rear footstrap? by marc5
WT AGM - 18 June 2020 by Mort67
Stanley photos by Al Planet
Light wind fun (video) by azymuth
Middleton - Sunday 14 June 2020 by dextersurf
Redcliffe Peninsula Windsurfers Facebook group by WindRider
Nash Lift. Can you se a SDM by Heliboy999
Slalom board evolution - 2012 to now by timbat
Simple logger with Bluetooth connectivity by JulienLe
Where is CLR on foil? by fpw9082
Is my windfoil video any good? by dantren
42 knot crash - No Pain, No Glory. by sailquik
Youth Windsurfing Development by WindsurfingWA
Walkie-talkie on Board.... literally :) by SeeLegs
Help With Ancient Gear -- Securing the Outhaul by OptimusSlime
Surf foil for windfoiling by Lecum
Lost sail. by WindmanV
Is the LT the best thing that ever happened to windsurfing? Or has it ruined it? by Belly25
Garmin GPSTC Datafield - to complement the Motion Simple Logger by tbwonder
Wind foiling VS Wing foiling by excav8ter
Removing sheared mast-to-fuse bolts by marc5
Slingshot Vent Screw by MagicRide
Windfoil jumping foils slingshot moses horue etc ??? by michaelpaf
Slalom Fin for choppy waters by GabrielM
Board choice for SS infinity 76 @ 90kg by northy1
Caption Comp 521 by Sparky
Newb - Crossover Board selection WS/Foiling by phxdude
Pesky Life Jacket.... a solution :) by SeeLegs
Live Wind data by gregwho
Proper way vario (mast)top strap in the buckle? by Icelake
Australian Youth Nationals - Perth January 2021 by WindsurfingWA
Live Wind data by gregwho
How come we can't get a free thread going in NSW ? by sboardcrazy

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