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Alphas - KA72 v GPS Speedreader - GT31 by Shifu
[Board Construction] - is a thick (6mm) layer of epoxy microballoons mix waterproof? by Stralen
Steps to learn a planing Gybe by sarwind
Severne foilglide 6.0m ? by skyking1231
SHQ - Garage Sale by boffe
Get together for Chuckles. by ka43
Point Danger, Torquay, VIC raw session by boffe
Light Wind Makes Smooth Waves by Hess
Fins for isonic 107 (2014) by snowsurf
GPS Speed Reader exporting files with date 6/28/2002 by Shifu
naish hover windsurf by jjwilliams7
Magic (video) by azymuth
Smooth (video) by azymuth
Any sail/board/fin company from UK? by fpw9082
Pelican point Twilight racing by Revoboardsports
Gear/tips for improving by Charles1324
AL 360 carbon boom 140 - 190 by Pcdefender
Roads Closed: Ironman Event, Sunday 12/11/23 by WindmanV
IQ Foil Youth Worlds - Spain by Brett Morris
Being in the zone by GazMan
Lake George February vs March by Windxtasy
Aeron mast base saftey rope replacement by Henners
JP Super Lightwind 2023/2024 by Brienno
Getting water out of board by dieseagull
Foil Racing - Pumping Technique by berowne
Kids Rig wanted by Crasher
2023-24 NSW Raceboard Series by aus368
Windsurftrip to Tassie by JonasAustralia
bigger gear for 63 kg guy by JoFromBE
Garmin Fenix 3 v Garmin Enduro on KA72 by gustfront
WindFoiling settings when changing from big to small sail by LechatMB
Pain in the Arse by Ben1973
Tabou Fifty? by Awalkspoiled
Camless Sails and Slalom Boards by Shifu

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