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Speed Loop again... but this time it's for real :) ! by Manuel7
Foil Board Nose Protection by BSN101
Best tennis elbow treatment? by Waiting4wind
Formuline by Ben1973
Safety Bay Changes by Jonski
2019 Australian "Hour of Power" by WindWanderers
Lightwind test of 2020 slingshot infinity 99 wing by CoreAS
Double push loop by Roy
Board repair by Stuthepirate
GW60 buttons by decrepit
Sandstone Seabreezers by Paddles B'mere
Ezzy Hydra by Paducah
Light wind wind foiling by sailor1
Skin off top of foot injury - Quick recovery tips ? by jn1
Cammed or Camless by segler
Even More Drone Footage by evlPanda
RRD Pocket Rocket by tintingwen
Foiling with tide currents by h20
2020 Fanatic Falcon range by Steve Charles
Georges River Windsurfing Relay Revolution - 23-Feb-2020 by AUS817
Yay Daylight savings! Whats next? by aus368
Foiling at Lery-Poses with KIFF Association by tintingwen
Simple logger with Bluetooth connectivity by JulienLe
Negative tail rocker by mark62
JP - Ultimate wave 102 by Nerdburger
Lake George October by waricle

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NSW Oct 25-27 Sand & Sea Festival 2019
QLD Sat, Oct 26 Learn To Windsurf For $5
WA Sat, Nov 16 Junior's Camp
WA Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman 2019
NSW Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman

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