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Simple logger with Bluetooth connectivity by JulienLe
Sand and Sea event by kato
Cammed or Camless by segler
Windtech Sailors by olskool
Looking for a NeilPryde Glide Wind by LeStef
GT 31 Pouch recommendations please? by peterowensbabs
Starboard foil 2020 question? by WNR
Beacons? by musorianin
Yay Daylight savings! Whats next? by aus368
Realistic weight of the current Turbo GT 8.1 by BBsurfer
Fins for dyno 95 by blackvanman
Just watching deep blue by Imax1
Glove at Queens Beach by roj
2019 Australian "Hour of Power" by WindWanderers
Caption Comp 505 by AUS169
Double push loop by Roy
Dyneema re-enforced airex (Carve 99) by Subsonic
Unexpected seabreeze by GeorgeyG
Goya One 2020 ? by AlexF
WWA Merchandise by WindsurfingWA
Severen fox 95 by nerdycross
2019 / 2020 NSW Slalom and GPS Series by GPSWindsurfing
2020 Duotone Warp by AUS4

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NSW Oct 25-27 Sand & Sea Festival 2019
QLD Sat, Oct 26 Learn To Windsurf For $5
WA Sat, Nov 16 Junior's Camp
WA Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman 2019
NSW Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman

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