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Fastest Windfoil? by Macroscien
HotSailsMaui Superfly by SA_AL
Vic windsurfer states Nov 24 by windsufering
Keeping the gas on deep offwind - what works for you? by Paducah
Bic techno 160D vs JP Funster 160 by BarryDazz
GPSTC Shirts by Rolz
a few good speed runs ,vid nor west Oz by Tardy
Patrik Windsurf Clinins at Screamin Leeman by premo
2019 / 2020 NSW Slalom and GPS Series by GPSWindsurfing
Luderitz Video by sailquik
Loco GW60 battery. by Richiefish
Carlton Monday 18th Nov 19 by Relic
East Coast Titles by mc2
Lightwind test of 2020 slingshot infinity 99 wing by CoreAS
Last Chance on i76 or i84 Wing by MagicRide
2020 Starboard iSonic range by AUS02
Wind Action Pete on his third lap. by hardpole
Slingshot Gamma 68, i76 and i84 Wings by MagicRide
Atomicsurf Fins by mr love
Longer fuselage for stability by SA_AL

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WA Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman 2019
NSW Nov 23-24 Screamin' Leeman

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