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  12 September 2017

Cocos Island, WACocos Island, WA

This is our special advanced clinic for those seeking intensive coaching to learn how to ride a foil kiteboard, go strapless on a surfboard or get some new freestyle tricks under the belt.

SEPTEMBER 12 - 19 2017

It's a one-off exclusive tour with only 6 spots available for intermediate to advanced riders who will receive one-on-one coaching from our very own Stoke Coach Ben Strowger and Johnny Fassler from South Africa.

FOIL Start with the basics of riding our trainer short foil mast on a North surfboard. With a small kite and decent winds it's easy to get your balance before rising up out of the water on the foil fins. After this is mastered you will move to the 60cm mast which will give you a lot more lift and upwind capabilities then, you are ready try a back roll!

FREESTYLEThese guys are masters of the old and new school freestyle tricks that anyone should be able to achieve. The essential tricks are the darkslide, kite loop, transitions with rolls and loops, hand drags, board offs and grabs. You will leave with a plethora or new tricks you can show your mates, and with style. Remember style!

STRAPLESSMaster the gybe, toe-side or board-off tricks on a surfboard to help you in the waves or with strapless freestyle. Learning on flat water is the best way for progression in the waves. We will take you to some re-forms upwind inside the reef and plenty of down-winders and lagoon crossings and, if the stars align, we can head out to Turks reef with the support boat to ride the waves in the centre lagoon.

Both of these guys have the skills to deliver a fun and progressive tour for you to learn exactly what you want. Using the latest radio helmet technology and our support boat, you'll have the whole Cocos lagoon to yourself and these guys riding with you for the whole 7 days.