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  8 November 2017

Sandringham, NSWSandringham, NSW

HFPT - SYDNEY - FINAL presented by Ozone kites
The Hydrofoil Pro Tour's (HFPT) in it's second season which includes stops in Mexico, France, USA, Germany and Mauritius with the tour's sixth and final stop is to take to the waters of Botany Bay 8-12th November, just south of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The men's and women's crowns still very much up for grabs as the final stop is a non droppable event we will see all the best competitors attending with at least 50 plus athletes from 14 plus countries. The best kite hydrofoil racers face-off in what promises to be the fastest and fiercest contests of the year. In conjunction with the HFPT Final stop the "Australian National Kite Foil Championships" will be held on the 11-12th November and the winner crowned on the final day of the event. Hydrofoil kiting is accessible and exciting for viewers and an Ideal Event for Spectators, so come down to Georges River Sailing Club and see first the skill and speed of the worlds best riders.