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  14 April 2018

Anglesea, VICAnglesea, VIC

Anglesea - Surf Coast Victoria
Get ready to Mountain Bike, Downwind Paddle and Trail run through some of the most stunning scenery in the Victoria coastline in the Adventurethon Demolish Anglesea.

Anglesea is part of the Surfcoast of Victoria and is well renowned for being an adventure hub only 1 hr 20 mins drive from the centre of MelbourneWith access to amazing flowy Mountain biking trails, great running tracks and some gorgeous ocean and river paddling options there is a great race to be had as well as amazing plan b and c options should the weather happen come up really rough in one of the events to come up over the next few years.

Adventurethon is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for each participant at our events so there will be a limited amount of entries at the Anglesea event to make sure you see it the way we see it and not just look at someone's back the whole way through the event.Entries Are Open so Save it to your calendar, to your phone, join the event on facebook and get yourself and your mates out on your ski, mountain bike and joggers and training for the Adventurethon Demolish Anglesea- Surfcoast Victoria April 14 & 15, 2018.

We are unleashing our NEW Adventurethon DEMOLISH format for the first time in the Surf Coast Shire in Victoria. This, simply put is a standalone Mountain Bike event - RADAR RUMBLE, a standalone paddle - RIVER RUSH DOWNWINDER, and a standalone trail run - MANY PEAKS TRAIL RUN. This gives you many more options, with the same adventure feel.For some time we have wanted to put on an event with every leg being a stunner in its' own right, with no need to compromise on quality. We often found that there were people who would love to do 1 discipline but not all of them and that finding teammates was kind of a hard process if they weren't already part of the multisport circles. Hence the eruption of the Adventurethon Demolish Format onto the scene. After the hugely successful event in NSW, we are so thrilled to share the DEMOLISH format with you. Demolish is essentially an Adventurethon event which has been pulled apart to create 3 stand alone individual races, with times that can be tallied together in a stage race format at the end to find an overall champion. However, it can also can be raced as a tag team or in pairs or simply just do your favourite leg.

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