SMS Weather

How does it work?

To get access to our quality forecasts and live data via SMS, setup is easy!

For SMS Forecasts, setup
   * The location
   * The time you'd like to receive it (and, optionally, which days)
   * Your prefered SMS format (daily/3 day/4 day)

For SMS Wind Alerts, setup
   * The location
   * Either a preset time, or a specific condition (e.g. 15 knots from the SW), and which days

Each SMS your receive is only 30 cents!

Start with $20, which is enough for over eight months worth of weekend forecasts - and your credit stays until it's all consumed. You can pause your alerts over winter, and your credit will be there next summer!

Pre-Paid SMS is now available in our secure online store - activation is instant.

Plus, we offer full transparency with a detailed transaction history of all SMS's sent, and payments.

How do I set it up?

Here's a sample of a wind alert setup, showing a single alert configured.   (This was entered via the "Add Alert" button.)

Wind Alert Setup

It is saying:

  If the wind reaches 18 knots at Safety Bay, and is coming from S, SSW or SW and this happens between 11am and 5:30pm then send me an SMS with the most recent wind speeds.

Here's what it will look like on your phone - if the above happened at 2:30 pm:

Alert SMS Example

Alert SMS Details


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How to enter a new Alert

By click on the "Add Alert" or "Edit" buttons, you will arrive at this page:

New Wind Alert

When you choose your State, the Location list is updated to show you the available weather stations.

You can choose between a preset time (e.g. every day at 3pm) or getting a triggered alert. 

Triggered alerts are sent when your criteria is met between the times specifed.    Wind conditions are checked every 10 minutes, and (from the example above), if the wind reaches 12 knots between 11am and 5:30pm, then you will receive an SMS.

Once the criteria for an Alert has been reached, it is ignored for the rest of the day - you only recieve one SMS per alert per day (...only if the criteria is met)

You can easily customise the alerts via the Edit, Add and Delete buttons.

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How do I configure coastal water forecasts?

So easy - simply click the Setup Forecasts button, and choose what time you'd like to receive it to your phone.  

Wind Alert Setup

You'll then receive the forecast detailing the Wind and Waves for the day.  

Alert SMS Example         Alert SMS Example

We have three forecast layouts that you can choose from:

Todays Wind & Wave Weather

This one is suited to daily reporting, say over the weekend or on your day off.   It provides a detailed daily forecast with 3 hourly intervals of forecast conditions.

-- Wind --
2pm 18 SE
3pm 18 SE
6pm 18 SE
-- Waves --
2pm 2.0 M
3pm 2.0 M
6pm 2.0 M

3 Day Wind & Wave Weather

When you want to know what's on today and a few days in advance.  

This sample says on Tuesday, temp will range from 9 to 27 degrees, in the morning (around 9am) the winds will be 20knots from the south east.  In the afternoon (around 3pm) the winds will be 19 knots from the north west.  Swell at midday will be around 2 metres, from the SW.

Tue: 9-27
am: 20 SE
pm: 19 NW
W: 2.0 SW

Wed: 8-25
am: 20 SE
pm: 19 NW
W: 3.0 SW

Thu: 9-26
am: 20 SE
pm: 19 NW
W: 4.0 SW

3 Day Weather

Keep it simple!  Not concerned about wind or waves .. use this know if you're going to be good for that BBQ or not!  Features temperature ranges and a general weather headline.

e.g. Tuesday will range in temperature from 10 to 20 degrees, and it will be windy!

Tue: 10-20,windy
Wed: 12-27,sunny
Thu: 14-34,storms
Fri: 14-34,sunny


You can choose forecasts for most Capital Cities, and please remember that the forecasts are for coastal waters, not the centre of the capital city!

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