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With thanks to Auswind, it's your chance to win either a Starboard SUP or Starboard Windsurf Board or Airush Kite of your choice up to the value of $2200.

To win what you need to do is place a Flying Objects logo somewhere out of the ordinary - take a photo or video and post it on before the 31st of October.

The Judges will then decide on the best entry and the winner will take the prize of their choice.
The Judges' decision will be based on.

  1)  Creativity of entry
  2)  Originality   
  3)  Exposure of the Flying Objects Logo to a wide audience.(i.e get it shown on TV or a picture in the paper etc)

Please keep it clean and keep it legal.

Photo-shopped entries are allowed but are not really in the spirit of the competition - It would have to be an exceptionally good one to win.

Your local Auswind retailer has been mailed stickers for you to go in and collect (Click here for a full list of retailers).

Here are some printable image logos:   Large    Medium    Small

Good Luck!
This competition has finished.

 1st Place gets to choose from a

Starboard Stand Up Paddle valued up to $2200

Starboard SUP

The Starboard R+D team travelled around the globe to develop and test a range of SUP boards spanning from the exceptionally fast 14'8" point to point board with foot steering, to the 7'2" kids board. The seven very best shapes were selected and made available in two technologies, the great looking wood Sport Tech version and the extra durable Tufskin models.

Starboards SUP collection has a host of features which set them apart in the world of SUP:
•    Fast tail rockers for speed and early take off
•    Extra width for stability
•    Added middle rocker plus thin rails for a great ride and manoeuvrability
•    Concaves for nose riding and smoothness
•    Built-in carry handles and double leash inserts

Find out more about Starboards SUP at :

 .. or a

Airush Kite valued up to $2200


The major innovation that jumps out in the 2009 Airush Kite Range is the Flow FT (Flat technology). The Flow FT introduces variable canopy curve. This unique innovation optimises the centre area of the canopy, which is flatter and more efficient than traditional Kites - there is no centre strut. What this does is increases depower while reducing bar pressure and throw.

The steering of the Flow FT is a lot more direct that the 2008 model. Airush have done this by attaching the back lines directly to the kite and by using an Aramid Composite Sandwich construction, a similar material to that found in windsurfing sails, in the wingtip area. This feature creates more direct steering due to a wingtip/LE structure that is 50% stiffer than a standard wingtip.

The Vapor II was a late season release and continues through into the 2009 range. The Vapor II continues to get great reviews and is still a popular choice for freestyle and wave riding.

Find out more about Airush at

 .. or a

Starboard Windsurfer valued up to $2200

Starboard Windsurfing

Starboard had a great year last year winning the PWA Constructor's Title, and for 2009 Starboard have once again excelled in all categories of windsurfing, by presenting a range of boards that continues the push the boundaries of windsurfing.

The biggest change in the Starboard range is the Acid and Kombat boards being consolidated into 1 new range - The KODE. The KODE is designed for speed and aggressive wave riding in the 68, 74 and 80 litre models with a classic rail-to-rail wave riding character. While the 86, 94, 102, and 112 offer a more classic crossover feel, blending the ability to wave-ride, to blast at high speed, to jibe aggressively and to freestyle.

Or if you are new to Windsurfing and want a board that is stable enough to learn on yet will grow with you as your windsurfing skills develop, the GO could be the board for you.  The extra width in these boards provides extra stability and early planing ability, as you progress the GO boards give you some of the most fun and widest wind range you can get from a windsurf board. With their full EVA deck, they provide exceptional comfort and the carry handles make them easy to transport.

Find out more about Starboard at


It was very close call between the top two entries, but we can only have one winner .
Ist place Cut,  Great effort with FO Man, not sure about the fashion sense but huge effort, lots of public appearances, over 700 views on You Tube and even some EBay action. He certainly covered Creativity, Originality and Exposure.
His choice of either an Airush kite, Starboard windsurf or SUP board up to the value of $2,200.
Due to the many great entries decided we had to give additional additional prizes.
A close second place is Harros with his great exposure on Sunrise, we didn't originally have anything for second place but we have decided to give Harros $500 worth of Flying Objects gear of his choice, maybe a nice wetty and harness.
Runners up to receive $100 of Flying Objects gear of there choice.
Colinwill78 - Great song with over 3,000 hits on You Tube.
Blokey - Great effort getting out in the Murray Street mall in his bathers/jocks. He was our early leader in the comp.
Greenroom - Eliza looks better than she ever has.
Nazza - Making a boring drive to work more enjoyable.
Mlahittatte - The biggest FO banner and getting it out there   
Thanks to everyone for there great entries.  Flying Objects and Seabreeze are already planning a much bigger comp for October next year.
Start working on your entry for next year now, only eleven months to go, you won't be disappointed,   in the mean time check out all the latest gear from Flying Objects ...


All winners are notified by their registered email; please Contact Us if you don't receive it!


This competition has closed!

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Thats Flying
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Mark _australia

Well, not advertising yet.....but he is available for Flying Objects to use!! How about (1) Flying Objects: for all water sports (2) Flying Objects for a the new generation or something equally as gripping etc ;-)
Entered by

He he now the whole world can see!!
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Leaching some mass advertising off a major brand!
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One of the worlds biggest tourists attraction, hence wide audience. Also, completely out of place, with a not a speck on ocean in sight.
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15,880 FO adverts & logo targeting existing kiters & windsurfers. Numbers growing hourly. Search Flying Objects in Facebook & its listed in top two out of 159 results.
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Turn the music up LOUD! Achieving a career-long ambition - turning mankind's most-hated creation into a Flying Object
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1000's of people sit down in the morning to eat their breakfast and take their glance of Sunrise only to see Flying Objects Australia broudcast NATION WIDE. My entry to join to the sport. Thanks guys
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Radio Controlled Flying wing soars in 30 knots winds in front of Sydney at sunset. I was controlling the wing with one hand, and taking the photo with the other!
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Flying Objects can take you to some amazing places. Natures Window: Popular Tourist Destination.
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My mate Brian and his wife just went to China. I gave him an A4 print-out and a banner I printed at work and asked him if he'd do this. His incentive; if I win he gets windsurf lessons. Nice one Bri. love your dedication to the cause.
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Flying Objects cause peak hour crash site!
Entered by

Super Flying Objects woman makes a rare appearance at Red Bull Air Race to help people fly.
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