November Caption Competition


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This month, with many thanks to Best Kiteboarding and KA Sails we have your choice of a the latest and greatest kite or a windsurfing sail of your choice up to $700!

This competition has finished.

 1st Place gets to choose from a

Best Waroo valued up to $1649

The standard against which all other free-ride kites are judged, the '09 Waroo doesn't just blur the lines between new school and old school, wakestyle and freestyle: it erases them.The Waroo's huge depower, fast turning, and easy handling helps riders of all skill levels to progress faster and further, and simply, to have more fun kiteboarding.

If your riding style includes a little bit of everything, then the Waroo is the perfect kite for the way you ride.

Your choice of a 7m or 9m!

Learn more about Best on their website:

 .. or a

KA Sail Windsurfing Sail valued up to $700

KA Sail are Australia's very own windsurfing sails.   Years of development have been put into these fantastic sails.

The range of sails cover the entire spectrum of windsurfing from cruising around, flat water tricks, high speed racing though to bullet proof sails for getting out in the waves.

KA Sail are offering your choice of up $700 worth of gear.

Learn more about Best on their website:

 2nd Place

Seabreeze Sunnies valued at $79.95

The new Sunnies are available in Polarized or Non-Polarized Smoked lens and offer excellent protection from the elements.

The special design is suited to being out on the water - wide vision, a strap to keep them on, and anti-fog vented frames.

Find out more in the Shop

 3rd Place

Waterproof Pouch valued at $24.95

These awesome new waterproof pouches are perfect for anybody who is near the water.  Slip your keys, phone and any valuables inside and protect them from water and sand.

The pouches are available in various sizes, and options .. keep goodies safe via an armband, lanyard, or one that slips right into your pocket.  There's even a model designed specifically for boardshort pockets.

Check the full range in the Seabreeze Shop

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What a response! - close to a thousand incredibly funny entries.  We had a great laugh, and hope you've also had a great laugh. Aussies truly are a funny bunch of crew.

Finalists included the following captions:

AUS1111Fred's plan to drive from Perth to Bali was going nicely until he got just out of Broome
au_rickthat's not quite what I had in mind when I said "dip the headlights" !!
bazer2312Honey, when i said if we could have an alternte family day out to the aquarium because of expenses, this is NOT what i had in mind!!!
BNSmithJust how big are those waterproof pouches?
dunnoEx Primeminister Harold Holt returns after years lost at sea...
elmoBroome carwash
FatboyHay, this floating key ring really works!
ginger pomShark A to Shark B "I think this fin disguise is pretty convincing"
hitch_hikerNo wonder they call it Cable Beach, here comes the tow truck now!!
J PYeah the wife said that rust proofing the car was a waste of money. Who's laughing now
JafeticaYeh water's ok, how's the oil and tyres?
Jayden87Further proof that no kiter watches the road when the sea breeze kicks in.
kalby"I don't know Paddy, it just says push the 'set' button and sit back back as the Cruise Control takes over..."
kookwaarWhale Recovery Vehicle
LambieFer god sake Woman, when I said park the Tojo in the gutter and get me some fish and chips -ya didnt have to take it literally !!!!
Mark _australiaTsk tsk tsk. Dude, the banner ad on Seabreeze said "unbreakable" not "unskinkable" !!!!!
mattdezI guess that means I've failed my test then?
MattygreigAn 80yr old couple sit gazing out to sea. "Darling these new incontinence pads don't work half as well as the last ones we bought!"
MDickersonWell he thought he was a top notch driver, but clearly he is actually a litlle bit wet behind the ears!
omegaand that was the last time stevie wonder got to drive the family to the beach
possumsx3"Didn't you tell me that you put AIR in the tyres?"........"Doesnt'that make it float?".............
rhinoI don't think this is what your dad had in mind when he said, you can borrow the ute as long as your give it a wash before returning it.
ryanteddog"Honey, tell me you didnt tie the dog to the tow ball"
sailor37Scenic tourist drive 8. Western Australia's most natural road!
shadowBarry's invention, the highly efficient 'roof rack-to-take off system' needed some refinement.

As always, there can only be one winner, and the prizes go to:

Choice of:
        a Best Waroo
KA Sail Windsurfing Sail

Won by 'Jayden87' for his caption:
"Further proof that no kiter watches the road when the sea breeze kicks in."
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'Fatboy' for his caption:
"Hay, this floating key ring really works!"
Waterproof Pouch: won by 'au_rick' for his caption:
"that's not quite what I had in mind when I said "dip the headlights" !!"

All winners are notified by their registered email; please Contact Us if you don't receive it!

Competition is complete!

The Winners are:

Best Waroo: won by 'Undagekiter'
"LOOK WHAT THERE DOING TO OUR BEACHES! If its Called Tourist Season, Why Can't We Hunt Them?"
KA Sail Windsurfing Sail: won by 'Gavreed'
"another 12 nautical miles and we can dump the body in international waters..."
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'funny bugger'
"Poor Kiwis couldnt afford the plane ticket.
They tried driving home.

Oh no, Oh no, were biiched es bro!
Yeah, sooo biiched.
Were biiched ez Bro ey!"
Waterproof Pouch: won by 'bo dacious'
"Lucky... your with AAMI!"

All winners are notified by their registered email; please Contact Us if you don't receive it!


This competition has closed!

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daniel kron"I'm pretty sure it's possible, i've seen 007 doing it before..."
nqtropo"Well put dads keys back on the fridge and remember to keep your mouth shut"
terrysmell"How far to New Zealand now?"
Mars Attacks"YOUR A BLOODY KOOK!!!"
Montaj""Are we there yet?""
Roryl2s""Whats happening at the cricket?""
bertcolombi"At least it's stopped raining!"
Backflip""This is what happens when you are checking the Seabreeze weather forecast on your mobile phone while driving!""
jodez87"Wife: "I told you we should have asked for directions""
monkey"Dammit, hope the missus renewed the car insurance!"
colins""Crikey mate, I said I'd meet you out at Roebuck Bay...not Roebuck Bouy!""
bo dacious"Lucky... your with AAMI!"
acko"Q.What happened to the irish oyster farmer?
A.His four 4x4 sunk!!!!!"
rols"damn! should have taken that snorkel option when i bought this truck!"
kev2112""Oh water feeling ..... Toy soaker""
wowzadog"Next gust I'll get it back on the plane .... no Worries !!!!!!!!!!"
Frankiter"How to launch a roof-mounted tinnie"
gbeall123""Mate can you stop clowning around and put your window up? - I am trying to get the aircon working!""
roxy"Think on the bright side dear, she wont be needing a wash when we get home!"
driffter"Babe! That's not the navman, that's the **** fish finder!"

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