Slingshot Christmas Competition


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About this competition: A short while ago, crew in the Seabreeze Forums wrote about the trees they could see out the window to guage the weather and someone posted a picture of their view, which happened to have a screen in it.

This inspired a couple of others to upload pictures of where they view

One thing leads to another, and we figured what a great idea for a competition!

This competition has finished.

 1st Place

Slingshot Rev 2 valued up to $2349

The Rev hybrid kite, in its maiden year, gained the attention of advanced surf and flat water enthusiasts alike with its collective qualities.

Now, in its second year, the Rev2 continues to deliver and exceed every promise of unmatched stability, range, responsiveness, high performance and ease of use in a hybrid kite.

The winner of the competition walks away with a brand new Slingshot Rev2 of their choice! (note: size & colour selection subject to availability)

Thanks to Slingshot Australia for making the prize available.  

Can't wait to win one?   Get down and demo the kite people are raving about at a dealer near you.

 2nd Place

KA Sail Windsurfing Sail valued at $700

KA Sail are Australia's very own windsurfing sails.   Years of development have been put into these fantastic sails.

The range of sails cover the entire spectrum of windsurfing from cruising around, flat water tricks, high speed racing though to bullet proof sails for getting out in the waves.

KA Sail are offering your choice of up $700 worth of gear.

Learn more about KA Sails on their website:

 3rd Place

Pat Love Harness valued at $229

The Pat Love "CAST" waist harness is the best selling and most versatile mens waist harness of the Pat love range.

Features integrated handle pass connection, hook knife, large spreader bar pad, soft moulding, and hammerhead spreader bar.

Find out more at

 4th Place

Seabreeze Sunnies valued at $79.95

The new Sunnies are available in Polarized or Non-Polarized Smoked lens and offer excellent protection from the elements.

The special design is suited to being out on the water - wide vision, a strap to keep them on, and anti-fog vented frames.

Find out more in the Shop


Whoever said judging competitions was easy?!

We've spent hours deliberating, discussing, counting true votes -vs- bogus votes, and comparing entries to choose the winners.  

Just about every entry was worthy of winning a prize, but as usual, only a few people can walk away with the booty.

There were so many great entries, that we threw an extra 4 pairs of Seabreeze Sunnies into the prize pool to reward the effort that people have put in.

So .. onto the winners!    Our top 20 shortlist came down to these members:

Saffer, Bondalucci, fry86, windjunky01, The5MetreKid, roydsie, Phezulu1, Newcastle, ccoops, galeforce, jev7337, Breezy, hunter074, mattma, hundshize, crezz2704, bla82, kbam, doozer, Tim Davies, Evan Chia, joespencer, justin_hannan & colinwill78

Saffer walks away the winner for an awesome effort of actually prepare and cooking a pie!

Bondalucci scores 2nd place for a serious commitment to his sport!

fry86 comes in 3rd with this arrow pillow.  Some people have suggested there is a market for these? ;-)

Again, we want to say that it was incredibly difficult to choose the winners and our appreciation goes out to all entrants for their effort & creativity - we sincerely hope that you've had as much fun as we, and the viewers have had seeing your entries.

A new competition starts soon!

Competition is complete!

The Winners are:

Slingshot Rev 2: won by 'Saffer'

Even when I'm eating I'm thinking about seabreeze and the wind (and yes, this is legit, not photoshopped)
KA Sail Windsurfing Sail: won by 'Bondalucci'

"everywhere you go, always take the weather with you"
Pat Love Harness: won by 'fry86'

happy dreams are filled with green arrows...
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'The5MetreKid'

Reflex A4 makes good picture copy, Slingshot 5M would bring Seabreeze to reality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Santa please listen to my plea - it might be after xmas but I will get dad 2 leave up the tree.
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'Phezulu1'

Go Big....Go Green
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'windjunky01'

Ya all want to know what Santa does 364 days of the year? Well test out all the toys! Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas
Seabreeze Sunnies: won by 'roydsie'

Rudd's Seabreeze Policy

All winners are notified by their registered email; please Contact Us if you don't receive it!

  • 1st Prize - valued up to $2349

    Slingshot Rev 2
  • 2nd Prize - valued up to $700

    KA Sail Windsurfing Sail
  • 3rd Prize - valued up to $229

    Pat Love Harness
  • 4th Prize - valued up to $79.95

    5 x Seabreeze Sunnies

This competition has closed!

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Entered by

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off ....into the sunset!
Entered by

The secret is out - King Neptune is working at Seabreeze as a programmer.
Entered by

Thanks for the new Kite !
Entered by

even my cat loves it
Entered by

Not exactly the 'ride' I expected to end todays session... But at least tomorrows forecast is looking good!
Entered by
Ineke Heere

I'm actually holding dad up
Entered by

"What do you mean your going windsufing again!"
Entered by

Entered by
Ekkie lova

I got a gut feeling about the weather today.
Entered by

(Halo 2 cinematic) Status? The wind is picking up. Its increasing considerably. There's no time sir! Green light, green light to engage!
Entered by

3 x red apples 4 x green arrows "Time to hit the beach"
Entered by

Our prayers have been answered.
Entered by

When you just cant wait for the wind anymore.
Entered by

Go Big....Go Green
Entered by
Chris Cannel

Now,Would these "red arrows" mean it would be too strong for hangliding?'s coming in!
Entered by

I'm just bored with these red arrows!
Entered by

Now you know why I never miss a kite oppertunity.
Entered by

Dropped in to check the forecast!

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6. Winner will be announced with 7 days of closing and posted on this website.
7. Judges decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
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