Visions of Summer!

It's Summer!   A fantastic time of year to enjoy the beach, friends, sport & getting out and about.  A time when you create awesome summer memories.

The "Visions Of Summer" competition is all about sharing your experiences, giving us a laugh and showing us the fun you've been having.

The rules were that the the photo must be original, and made for this competition, and to ensure that's the case, the word "Seabreeze" was needed somewhere in the photo .. (preferrably not photoshopped in, but physically in the photo).  


The winners are crew who made a big effort to carry surfboards, kiteboards, sails and kites to the beach, lay them out to spell out "SEABREEZE", and then setup a camera in a kite to take the final photo.

Cool!   It got heaps of great comments on Facebook, and shared a great vision of summer - having a good laugh with friends, doing something memorable with friends, creativity and humour. 

Great work to the crew - now you'll need to sort out sharing the $1000 prize money!   Not content with the one entry, they also did another where they spelled out the letters of SEABREEZE across the gear - for once, they'll be glad the wind didn't come in.  :-)

Second prize of a brand new GoPro HD camera goes to an everlasting Aussie scene of the kids at the pool.  The sepia adds a bit of nostalgia as well, as pre-computers most kids would spend most days mucking around with water, than staring at screens.  Will the kids be fighting over who uses the new HD camera?  Hope not .. fortunately, they're waterproof & bomb(ie)proof.  :-D

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This competition has finished.

 1st Place

$1000 in cold hard cash!

$1000 to spend on whatever you want - your choice!  Woot!

 2nd Place

GoPro HD Surf Camera valued at $299

Tested and approved by pro athletes wordwide, the GoPro HD HERO is a revolutionary quick-release  camera.
This little guy shoots full 1080p HD video.   It's waterproof, bombproof, and comes with various mounts.    It'll even record at 60 frames per second for incredible slo-mo action.
The 170º ultra wide angle lens and high-resolution sensor captures amazing footage that has to truly be seen to be believed.

Check out our full range of GoPro HD cameras and a large range of accessories - mounts, lenses and more .. all in the Seabreeze Shop.

 3rd Place

Sunnies for top 5 designs, valued at $79.95

FIVE pairs of Seabreeze sunnies are going to the runners up.

The new Sunnies are available in Polarized or Non-Polarized Smoked lens and offer excellent protection from the elements.

The special design is suited to being out on the water - wide vision, a strap to keep them on, and anti-fog vented frames.

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Competition is complete!

The Winners are:

$1000 in cold hard cash!: won by 'cameronnorsw'

Me and my four friends, plus all the equipment we could get our hands on! Can you spot them? What else are we supposed to do when there is no wind or swell?
GoPro HD Surf Camera: won by 'splashy'

being blown into the pool by the seabreeze
Sunnies for top 5 designs,: won by 'westcoastric'

just another cruisy morning at coral bay, what else ya gonna do?
Sunnies for top 5 designs,: won by 'megseas'

Visions of summer from the Trigg Island Surf Life Saving tower :)
Sunnies for top 5 designs,: won by 'antoine1126'

coconuts, sun and seabreeze. There's nothing much better!
Sunnies for top 5 designs,: won by 'elpaco'

Kitesurfing in style... Great success!!
Sunnies for top 5 designs,: won by 'Applez'

Free Board Waxing Service by Seabreeze

All winners are notified by their registered email; please Contact Us if you don't receive it!

  • 1st Prize - valued up to $1000

    $1000 in cold hard cash!
  • 2nd Prize - valued up to $299

    GoPro HD Surf Camera

    GoPro Cameras
  • 3rd Prize - valued up to $79.95

    5 x Sunnies for top 5 designs,

This competition has closed!

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The stormy side of summer, when the sun can only try to get through!
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"The Blue Groper" cruising along at Clovelly
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Kiting at Middle Rock
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After a good kite surf, I've always tried to stay late and watch the stars long after the sun goes down, so I wanted to share the experience. Me and my friend Ollie took the photo, but it was pitch dark - so this photo had a shutter speed of 5 minute
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A nice place to relax on a Summers day, or any day really.
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Summer sesion at Moana South Australia YEEEOOOWWW...
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BIG AL1970

catching spanish mackeral in the town of 1770 on a rebel boat
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Charl dv

A photo of my sister enjoying her first day surfing at Kitestock 2012
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We were hoping and hoping for a seabreeze but this summer hasnt turned it on for us in WA- its hard to even launch! But spare time and good friends makes for a fun afternoon of sillyness, even in the absence of a summer wind.
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Kitesurfing in style... Great success!!
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Got to love it when seabreeze comes through...
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My son Billy took this photo overlooking Half Moon Bay at Black Rock for this comp!
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you never too old - my dad learning to kitesurf :>
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Sea breeze Hotel, just behind the Surf Lifesaving club at Surfers Paradise - taken in 1967 ... where it all started ...
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Hunting for that illusive seabreeze...
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Over 1200 swimmers hit the waters of Geographe Bay for the annual Busselton Jetty Swim in WA.
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Me and my four friends, plus all the equipment we could get our hands on! Can you spot them? What else are we supposed to do when there is no wind or swell?
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after school fun

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