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Favourite Spots:
Jervis Bay, Merimbula, Gerora and Paradise Beach.

About Me:
I moved from windsurfing 4 years ago to Kite Boarding/Surfing and fell in love with the activity.
I have become a Kite Boarding Australia instructor and my goal is to Kite Board/Surf and now Foil as many places around the world as I can.
I enjoy Kite surfing so much, I cannot be bothered to build another aluminium boat for SCUBA diving, fishing and boating.

I have learnt to become self sufficient in my kite surfing and enjoy locations by myself.

Recent Buy & Sell Listings...

Nov 2018 Kitesurfing - Kites  2014 Naish Park 9 - 9 metre $500
Mar 2016 Windsurfing - Boards  2009 F2 Wizard - 275 cm $200
Mar 2016 Windsurfing - Sails  2012 Aerotech 5.2M Wave Sail - 5.2 metre $180

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Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle