1 March sees new size and bag limits in Queensland

Queensland's Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries has increased the size and bag limits on some of the State's most popular bread and butter fish species. Whiting, bream and flathead limits have all been increased to increase the opportunity of these fish to spawn before capture.

Some of the changes include:

  • size limits for bream increasing from 23cm to 25cm (will not come into effect till 1 March 2010);
  • a combined bag limit of 30 bream species (pikey, yellowfin, tarwhine etc); and
  • combined bag limit of 5 flathead species (except dusky).
If you need to get up to speed on the current fishing regulations for Queensland spend some time trawling around the Department's website for more information or drop into your bait and tackle store for a new recreational fishing guide.

The regulation changes have not been without opposition with a number of groups commenting on the need to also curb excessive commercial fishing. Sunfish has mentioned the need to limit commercial netting while the Fraser Coast Chairman noted the impact the new regulations will have on tourism and the family fishing expedition.


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