5 Tips to Catch the Ellusive Salmon this Winter

Colder weather means cold water fish are travelling further up the coast, and if you're lucky enough to live south of around Merimbula on the NSW coast, it's Salmon time!

If you're more accustomed to seeing salmon rolled up in a sheet of Nori, than on the end of your fishing rod - perhaps it's time to head out and catch one for yourself.

Here's five tips to target Salmon next time you head out fishing.

1 - Fish WITH the tide Salmon like to swim into the side, keeping their speed across the surface slower. Rather than sneaking up behind them with your bait or lure, drift with the tide, and they'll have a better chance of seeing your bait!

2 - Don't fear the rain/overcast. Salmon are cautious on bright sunny days, so pick a time when the light is low, like overcast days or late/early. With the low light, remember to use a brightly coloured lure.

3 - Seeing Red? Salmon can't! Only one type of Salmon species can see the colour red, and they're not a common one. Using a red tinted line really helps your bait look genuine.

4 - Let your bait drift on the bottom. Salmon nearly always dwell on the ocean/river floor. Let your bait drift with the tide along the bottom, and it will float right in front of your catches eyes. Don't be fooled into thinking that you're feeling the bottom though, Salmon are notorious for their soft bites, so if you think you've got one, give that rod a twitch!

5 - Use SHARP hooks Not only are Salmon bites soft, their tough mouth makes hooking them difficult. Maximise your chances by using chemically sharpened hooks, and don't even bother tying on a rusty old hook!