Ajiking's New Pro Jigger Reel A Tight Package

Ajiking's new Pro Jigger reel provides a solid and compact package of light jigging bliss that fits tightly into the palm of your hand.

Weighing in at just 400 grams the Pro Jigger crams a lot of features into its pint-sized aircraft grade aluminium housing. A high-speed gear ratio of 6.0:1, six stainless steel Japanese ball bearings and Korean-made carbon drag washers offering a maximum drag up to 15kg give the reel the attitude of a Jack Russell terrier - small and spirited.

The Pro Jigger's twin-position machine-cut power handle and knob and easy access lever drag system guarantees a comfortable and easily adaptable line of attack when the action is hot.

Six colour options are available for the Pro Jigger with reels in gold, silver, green, blue or red.

For more information on the Ajiking Pro Jigger or other Ajiking products visit the Four Fish website or email sales@fourfish.com.au.

The new Ajiking Pro Jigger - in green