HRT Lures' new Small Fry puts bream on notice

As the weather warms and estuary water temperatures begin to rise HRT Lures' latest Australian release, the Small Fry, is putting bream across the country on notice.  The Small Fry's name represents what this lure is all about - the imitation of a tender and tasty young fish innocently waiting to be smashed by a passing predator.

The lure is 40mm long and 3 grams in weight.  As a floating lure suitable for depths of 1-3ft it's the perfect choice for fishing in snaggy or weedy water and with up to ten colours to choose from there will always be a lure suitable for the conditions. 


The Small Fry's lightly weighted pea-foam body, wire-through construction and VMC hardware provides a tough little lure that is ready to go the distance fish after fish and all HRT Lures are hand tuned and tank tested ensuring the Fry are ready for action the moment they're taken from the box.

For more information on the Small Fry and other HRT Lures visit Palmfishing and Outdoors.