HRT lures now available in Australia

Palmfishing and Outdoors is extremely pleased to announce they are now the Australian distributor for Poland's hrtlures and is awaiting their first shipment of lures.

Due to hrt's large range Palmfishing's initial focus will be on the smaller 30mm to 70mm lures in surface, sub surface and deeper diving models.

hrtlures' history is a fascinating one.  In November 1989, hrtlures celebrated its sixth year in business and was busy making plans to take their lures to the rest of the world.

As Ronald Reagan smiled to himself and reflected upon his role in bringing democracy to Poland, the Tyszkiewicz family was busy making plans to expand into the free world. With access to higher quality materials and machinery they began improving the quality of their spinners through improved production methods and technology.

A few years later business spread throughout Europe. In the early nineties, the family added crankbaits and jigs to its line of spinners and cooperated successfully with one of the strongest brand names in the world, "D.A.M". As recognition grew so did their range of lures until they found them sold across the world, and now in Australia.

For more information on hrtlures visit Palmfishing and Outdoors.

A quality Mallacoota bream taken on a hrt lure

Posted 7 May 2010