How do you catch a completely invisible fish?

You can see right through this fish's attempts to escape capture!
Nature creates some incredible creatures, humans being one of them, and this fish being another. Almost completely transparent, this little guy was found in the Maldives.

How it was found, is a mystery, because to a diver this fish would have looked like a pair of floating eyes and a brain! Too small to catch with a hook, it's most likely been dragged in by a cast net. Out of the water, you can clearly see its spine and internal organs, which is actually one of the main reasons transparent fish exist. But they're not made by nature.

Scientist can alter the genetic makeup of fish eggs to turn their scales and skin see-through. They do it at universities to help students observe what's happening inside fish without getting the scalpel out. Frogs get the same treatment too, although don't look anywhere near as attractive as this little guy…