I Caught a Fish, Now How Do I Kill it?

Catching a fish is a lot of fun. Killing a fish can be traumatic if done improperly, so isn’t much fun. Especially when you can see the fish is obviously in distress, or physical pain. Contrary to popular belief, letting a fish suffocate is not the best way to let a fish die. In fact, letting a fish ‘die’ is not the best way either! Here’s how to do it, and how NOT to kill a fish.

How to kill a fish.

1: ‘Percussive Stunning’. Another name for ‘Giving it a big whack with something blunt’. Is one of the two ways to humanely stun a fish before bleeding it out. Use a lump of two-by-four, or an old hockey stick, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you hit the fish hard enough on the head to knock it out immediately, on the first blow.

2: Spiking or Ikijime. As the name suggests, using a spike to kill a fish is (believe it or not) the most humane way to kill/stun a fish. Take a sharpened screwdriver, or spike and push it quickly through the fishes brain. Move the spike from side to side to destroy the brain before bleeding it out over the back of the boat.

How NOT to kill a fish.

1: Dump it in iced water.
2: Let it suffocate out of water.
3: Place it in a salt, or Ammonia bath
4: Bleed it before stunning first
5: Letting it drag behind the boat for kilometers.


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