More fish stocking takes place in NSW

More than 100,000 golden and silver perch were expected to be harvested at Narrandera Fisheries Centre on Monday 1 March as part of the Government's efforts to restock NSW waterways with native fish with most fish destined for Copeton Dam near Inverell.

The fish were marked with a harmless dye to help in a 5-year research trial assessing the success of the stocking program which is funded by the Government's recreational fishing licence trusts.

Harvesting of native fish will continue to take place for another six weeks when the last of the eight stocking ponds is due to be harvested.

All up approximately half a million native fish will be harvested during this time taking the total harvested for this season (December 2009 to April 2010) to over one million fish.

Stephen Thurstan transporting harvested silver perch fingerlings

Matt McLellan and Gary McLean harvesting golden perch fingerlings at Industry & Investment NSW Narrandera Fisheries Centre on Monday 1 March

Photos courtesy of Industry and Investment NSW