New ban commences on high-risk demersal species in WA

WA anglers are reminded that the newly introduced closed season for 'high-rish' demersal species of fish kicked off on 15 October and remains in place till 15 December 2009.

The ban covers waters in the West Coast Bioregion which stretches from the Zuytdorp Cliffs north of Kalbarri to Black Point near Augusta.

The ban includes taking any of the following species in these areas:

  • Blue Groper
  • Blue Morwong (queen snapper)
  • Coral Trout and coronation trout
  • Cod species including harlequin fish and breaksea cod
  • Cod (over 30 kg or 1000 mm in length)
  • Dhufish
  • Emperor - combined
  • Foxfish and pigfish
  • Hapuku, blue-eye trevalla, bass groper and grey banded rock cod
  • Parrotfish
  • Pink Snapper
  • Redfish (bight redfish, yelloweye redfish, swallowtail
  • Red Emperor
  • Snappers, tropical - other species combined, including mangrove jack
  • and job fish
  • Tuskfish and baldchin groper

Following the close of the two month ban new bag limits will also apply to these species.

For more information on the ban or new bag limits visit Fish For The Future.

A number of prized targets remain outside the banned list


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