Out-fished by your Daughter - You'll never live it down!

Caught off Narooma, on the South NSW Coast...
If your daughter had just totally smoked you on a fishing trip, would you tell your mates?

On one hand, there's the proud fact that: A. Your daughter is into fishing, and B. She's caught more than you have. On the other hand. She's caught more than you have!

Of course you'd tell everyone! Kids fishing is awesome, and so is this catch by Georgie Poyner from Narooma on the South Coast of NSW.

"It's weird how you can fish an area for years and years and then on one day you can experience something you never have before." Told Georgia to the local paper, when asked about the weekend fishing trip with her dad Jon.

She reeled in a couple of big bearded cod, two silver dory and a few snapper, with the picture above being the largest (and on the last mushy Pilchard.