Products: Lemax FireBull jig rods - ole!

Lemax jig rods have built a reputation around quality combined with affordability and the new Lemax FireBull continues to promote that standing in the angling community – and with style.

The FireBull has been built for anglers who use jig weights over and above 200g right up to a 600g capacity for those who fish for deep water hapuka and trevalla. 

The rod’s long butt allows for a functional jigging action while providing extra leverage when fighting XOS species.  The blank has been built with Lemax’ Gradual Curve Fighting action, a design specifically created to reduce angler fatigue over the course of a day’s hard fishing.

The aluminium gimble, Fuji reel seat and Lemax’ custom silicone carbide guides provide quality components which reduce the overall weight of the rod without minimising the rod’s integrity or performance.

The Lemax FireBull comes in four sizes for both overhead and threadline reels starting at a 5’8” / PE 3-4 / 250g configuration and increasing in strength through to the 5’5” / PE 6-8 / 600g model.  Recommended retail prices are between $245 - $270.

Ask to see the Lemax FireBull rods at your local tackle store or for more information visit their website or email