Products: Pakula Carbon Game Fishing Gloves

Pakula Carbon Game Fishing Gloves were developed by Peter Pakula so that one pair of gloves could effectively replace the multiple pairs of gloves used for wrapping leaders and doubles, and handling gaffs, fish, ropes etc.

Pakula CGF Gloves feature goat skin palms with high tech laminated carbon material, with flexible PVC inlays to protect the hands when taking the leader on big fish; elasticised cuffs for added comfort and to compensate for various sized wrists; over sized Velcro tabs to keep the end of the flap tight; plus many more user-friendly features.

The backing and palms are cut to extend along the index and small finger, eliminating seams and the chance of line hanging up on the gloves.

The backs and sides of the fingers are breathable fabric for added comfort and fast drying, additional padding is featured on the inside of the thumb to add strength and comfort to that area.

The Pakula Carbon Game Fishing Gloves have tough abrasion resistant fabric and padding that offer great feel and sensitivity.

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