Products: Shimano Stradic FJ Threadlines

Shimano’s Stradic threadline series have been with us for well over a decade now, and each upgrade sees these gems get better and better.

With a return to the instantly recognisable pearl bodies of a few years back, the all-new lineup of seven models from the tiny 1000FJ through to the bluewater-bound 8000FJ maintain this famous lineage’s reputation for quality performance and value for money.

X-Ship is a significant new feature on the 2012 Stradics, and a bigger Paladin cold-forged drive gear and a pinion gear supported on both ends by two of the five shielded A-RB bearings, means it takes less effort to wind the handle when under heavy load.

Additionally, the Propulsion Line Management System and Aerowrap II combine to reduce casting friction, spread the line neatly over the spool (especially braid) on the retrieve, and the one-piece bail arm and Power Roller keeps line twist and friction at a key choke point, to a minimum.