QLD: Rule changes to fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria

New changes to some recreational and commercial fishing rules are now in place in the Gulf of Carpentaria, ensuring continued sustainability and improved economic viability.

Fisheries Queensland Harvest Management general manager Dermot Tiernan said the changes to recreational fishing included those to size and possession (or 'bag') limits of some popular species.

"In good news for recreational fishers, the size limit for barramundi in the Gulf of Carpentaria has been reduced from 60 cm to 58 cm," he said.

"This brings the minimum size requirement for this species in line with the rest of the state, making it easier for recreational fishers to remember a single limit."

"Similarly, the bag limit of giant queenfish has changed to five per person, now consistent across Queensland."

"The bag limit for black jewfish has been reduced from five to two, but there is now no maximum legal size for the species."

"Recreational fishers should also note a reduction in the bag limit for golden snapper, from 10 to five."

Mr Tiernan said that a change to the annual barramundi closure ensured the same closure period each year.

"In the past, annual closures for barramundi have aligned with moon phases when fish spawn," he said.

"The changes mean a barramundi closure will be in place in the Gulf from midday 7 October to midday 1 February every year."

"Possession on boats at sea will be allowed until midday 17 October."

Mr Tiernan said there were also changes to the Gulf of Carpentaria inshore and offshore mesh net fin fish fisheries.

"There has also been a restructure of the commercial net fisheries," he said.

"These changes are designed to control effort in offshore waters as well as improve efficiency for commercial fishers, for example, through increases in legal vessel length."

"Details of the changes can be found in the legislation online via the Fisheries Queensland website."

For further information and to view the current fishing rules, visit www.fisheries.qld.gov.au.