Quantum release the Boca PT two-drag spin reel

Quantum has recently released the Boca PTs Bait Teaser spin reel which features a two-drag system. The rear-adjustable 'teaser' drag can be set light (from zero to a maximum of 1.8kg) and the front-adjustable ceramic drag can be set up to 19kg.

The two PTs Bait Teaser models retain the saltwater reputation and features of the Boca PTs spin reels including the one-piece aluminium frame, side plate and spool; the nickel-titanium bail wire and magnetic trip; and a six-layer corrosion protection finish. The extra-hard PT gears have teeth that are precision cut one at a time for a perfect mesh.

The combination of light drag for finesse and extreme saltwater power will provide benefits for snapper fishing, and will make kingfish, mackerel and barra live bait anglers think twice about the choice between spin and overhead reels.

Both sizes have a 4.9:1 gear ratio. The smaller model holds 205m of 12lb mono, retrieves 81cm per turn and can crank up to 12.2kg of front drag. The larger model holds 300m of 20lb mono, brings in 93cm of line per turn and has a maximum front drag of 19.1kg.

For further information on Quantum products available in Australia, visit the Jarvis Walker Brands website.

Posted 21 July 2010