The most dramatic swordfish catch you'll see this week.

They call it the Gladiator of the Sea... With good reason.
Catching Swordfish is a patient mans game. There’s a lot of prep, a lot of waiting, and a looooooot of line goes out when that fish is on.

Live through a catch of a lifetime, with Rush Maltz and Ali Hussainy from the US TV show Local Knowledge, as they land a 490lb Swordfish with a professional film crew on board.

It all starts in the early afternoon, when their line starts slowly spooling out. Steady, even, with not a single sign of a fish on the hook. They watch it, waiting for a telltale, and wham. Just a little burst, a sign that there was a fish on the hook, hundred of meters below – it was on. Through the afternoon, past sunset and into the night. These two fought the monster all the way, an inch at a time until finally, with the film crew watching, they see it.

That’s where you’re on the edge of your seat, ready to see it, or watch them lose it in a struggle. And the director of the film cuts it. You’re left waiting nervously as you hear the story of how these guys prep for a day on the water, wondering if you’re ever actually going to see the fish. Did he lose it?

No. They caught it. They dragged the 490lb monster into the boat and put it up on the scales. They took their picture with it, and the showed it off to the world like the proud anglers they should have been.

Watch a catch – watch it below, and be warned - there's fishermans language throughout...