Three Tips to Increase Your Casting Distance

Every angler knows the feeling. You KNOW there's a fish on the other bank, and it's just beyond casting distance.

Fear not fellow anglers, here's three basic tips you might have forgotten to help you send that lure a few extra meters.

Refill your spool. One of the easiest ways to ensure you can cast both short, and long distances, is by keeping a full spool of fishing line. Every time you break your line and re-tie your tackle on the end, you're losing distance. The way it works, is through friction as the line bends around the corner of the spool as you cast. That friction robs kinetic energy from your line and turns it into heat. Great on a cold winters day, not so good for casting distance.

Use lighter line. Without getting into advanced aerodynamics, a lighter line creates less wind resistance than thick line. It's easy to forget how much the extra 0.1mm equates to over whatever distance you're currently casting. Of course the major limiting factor to line weight is the fish size you might be targeting, but spending a little more on good quality line means you're likely to get thinner line with the same breaking strength as a cheaper brand.

Don't follow through. You're not playing golf, so when your rod tip reaches the furthest distance from your body, stop moving it. Every millimeter you bring it backwards, opposite the way your bait/lure is flying, it's effectively pulling the bait/lure with it! A great cast is more like a flick than a swing.