VIC: Fish stocking returns to Pykes Creek

Fish have been stocked into Pykes Creek Reservoir, near Ballan, for the first time since 1970.

Executive Director Fisheries Victoria, Anthony Hurst, said the reservoir was full and had recovered from a long period of low water levels during the drought.

“Given the population growth west of Melbourne, Fisheries Victoria recognised an opportunity to develop a new recreational fishery at Pykes Creek Reservoir,” Mr Hurst said.

“It is close to Melbourne, has a public boat ramp and good shoreline access for anglers.

“Fisheries Victoria has worked closely with Southern Rural Water, the recreational fishing body VRFish and local angling clubs on this stocking trial.

“The proposal to stock Pykes Creek Reservoir was tabled and endorsed at a consultative meeting with anglers and Fisheries Officers earlier this year.

“During a three year trial we will stock 5,000 brown trout annually to help in the recovery of a self sustaining trout population.

“The first 5,000 were stocked earlier this month.”

The trial stocking will comprise fin-clipped trout to help researchers determine if spawning and recruitment occurs in the inflowing waters and whether a self sustaining population can be developed to ensure the longer term future of the fishery.

Pykes Creek Reservoir was last stocked with 17,500 brown trout in 1970.

It also contains a range of other species and has provided excellent redfin fishing in previous years.

Posted 5 September 2011