WA Faces sweltering weather amid stay at home policy

Think before crowding the beaches this weekend
Think before crowding the beaches this weekend

With WA facing rising temperatures this week, peaking at 37 degrees on Thursday, people will be seeking the cool.

Amid the backlash from people congregating at Bondi during the heat last weekend, WA premier Mark McGowan has given the heads up for people to mindful of social distancing.

The WA Premier has put out a warning that if social distancing rules were ignored at Cottesloe and Scarborough beaches, then these beach would be closed, as Bondi was earlier this week. "I don't want to be doing this but if we have to protect people from themselves on our beaches, we will" he said.

Mr McGowan has also put out the word on Easter Holidays or any travel down south: "If you are in Perth and you are planning to spend Easter in the south west you need to reconsider your plans. People need to think about this carefully. This is not normal, this is a state of emergency. You simply may be stopped," he said. "The law as it is, and it may change, if you don't need to move around - don't move around. If you have a principal home in Perth, stay in that home."

By exercising social distancing, it's mostly saving others, not just yourself. It's a community service. We're all in this together.

Slowing the number of people who are actively suffering from covid-19 virus, it eases the burden on hospitals.

And whilst many have considered that "they won't get sick", consider if you break a leg, or have anything that needs medical services - if the health system is overloaded, then you'll be on your own.

Food for thought.

This crisis will end; it's temporary. It's a very real humanitarian drama that's effecting all of us, and it's a time for all of us to pull together. To have compassion & patience for those around us.